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The 2019 Klimahouse Startup Award call is open!

A focus on innovation and people. Thirty-two startups from all over Europe at Klimahouse 2019. "The Human Factor": for the third edition of the Klimahouse Startup Award the call for participation is open until 5 November. The best technologies that bring together buildings, people and nature will compete for a prize worth €30,000. The manager … Continue reading The 2019 Klimahouse Startup Award call is open!

Guiding light.

Guiding light.

Ieri ho avuto il piacere di moderare insieme a Michaela Egebrecht il convegno  al TIS "Tecnologie luminose innovative" organizzato dall'Area Sviluppo prodotto & Nuove tecnologie. Il tema della luce, nelle strutture per anziani ma non solo, è quanto mai importante per il comfort (vedi anche il Gruppo di Lavoro IEQ presso il TIS). Aggiungo che il … Continue reading Guiding light.

Design for simplicity.

The poet William Wordsworth once wrote, “The world is too much with us.” If this was true in the bucolic 18th and 19th centuries when Wordsworth lived, it is even more true today, when every gadget comes with an incomprehensible 100-page instruction manual. Thus, simplifying people’s lives with your products and services is a surefire … Continue reading Design for simplicity.

Verge SF 2014.

You didn't attend Verge SF 2014? No problem, Verge brings the conference into your home with Verge virtua event. Here are the links to the streaming vision of the three days, Oct 28-29-30th. Enjoy and ... thank you GreenBiz 🙂 Sustainability's next tipping point. Interconnected technologies for energy, buildings and transportation enable radical efficiencies and huge … Continue reading Verge SF 2014.

Making Buildings Smarter.

Meet the LEED Dynamic Plaque. The U.S. Green Building Council asked IDEO to help visualize how buildings communicate environmental performance to create spaces that both cradle their inhabitants and reduce their environmental impact. The LEED Dynamic Plaque™ is an elegant public declaration of a building’s environmental efforts. Located in a lobby or other common space, … Continue reading Making Buildings Smarter.

Status: multi-tasking.

Siamo sicuri che il multi-tasking ci renda felici? Questa è la domanda dell'articolo di Federico Cella su Tempi Liberi del Corriere del 28.06.2014, che riporto di seguito integralmente. Forse non ci rende felici, ma la domanda di fondo è: è davvero pensabile un ritorno a ritmi più naturali? Anzi, il single-tasking si può definire davvero … Continue reading Status: multi-tasking.

I lavori del 2030.

(Forse già validi oggi ...) Di qui a sedici anni il mondo del lavoro sarà molto cambiato. Ariel Schwartz su Fast Company del 02.06.2014 richiama uno studio condotto dal Canadian Scholarship Trust che ha immaginato, insieme ad alcuni esperti di futuro, come sarà il mondo del lavoro nel 2030. Ecco le 10 professioni più interessanti, date un'occhiata, … Continue reading I lavori del 2030.

Investigate innovation looking INSITE.

INSITE is a coordination action sponsored by the European Union program DG connect on the innovation society, sustainability and ICT. INSITE’s principle purpose is to contribute to a sustainable future for society and the environment: our consortium includes scientists and practitioners from a varied range of disciplines and organizations. Partners of INSITE are ECLT (European … Continue reading Investigate innovation looking INSITE.