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The RESTORE web site is online.

The RESTORE web site is online.

The RESTORE web site is on line 😊 We are happy to announce that the RESTORE website is now up and running. You can visit it at http://www.eurestore.eu The RESTORE Action aims at a paradigm shift towards restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings, promoting forward thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge, leading to solutions that celebrate … Continue reading The RESTORE web site is online.

FACE2. Façades reloaded.

Corso di alta formazione sulle facciate innovative per edifici FACE | Façades Architecture Construction Engineering. 2^ edizione, 9 Aprile - 21 Novembre 2015. EURAC e il Cluster Edilizia del TIS propongono un percorso formativo che mira ad accrescere il know-how di aziende e liberi professionisti operanti nel settore delle facciate tecnologiche complesse per edifici. Il … Continue reading FACE2. Façades reloaded.

Design for simplicity.

The poet William Wordsworth once wrote, “The world is too much with us.” If this was true in the bucolic 18th and 19th centuries when Wordsworth lived, it is even more true today, when every gadget comes with an incomprehensible 100-page instruction manual. Thus, simplifying people’s lives with your products and services is a surefire … Continue reading Design for simplicity.