The Big Picture (il 100° post …).

Karl-Henrik Robèrt, fondatore di The Natural Step, spiega, in questo video realizzato con la collaborazione dell’azienda svedese DeLaval, come l’imprenditoria può affrontare le sfide della sostenibilità, facendole diventare leve di sviluppo stratregico.

The Big Picture and the Role of Business.

In this video, created by The Natural Step in cooperation with DeLaval,
Karl-Henrik Robèrt touches upon the challenges we as humanity face today
and the role businesses can play. To enable seeing the big picture of
the sustainability challenge and turning this into opportunities. He
gives examples and methods of how this journey is possible and
encourages all to start designing the future by identifying boundary
conditions for a sustainable future.

Image: The Natural Step
Image: The Natural Step
Image © Beyond The Line
Karl-Henrik Robèrt
Image © Beyond The Line

Karl-Henrik Robèrt, M.D., Ph.D. (born 1947), is a Swedish cancer scientist and an important figure in the worldwide sustainability movement. He is known for The Natural Step, a framework that lays out the system conditions for sustainability, that arose from his consultations with municipalities, businesses, government departments, environmental organizations, and the arts community. Having secured the imprimatur of the King of Sweden, The Natural Step was launched with attendant television coverage and distribution of educational material to every school and household in Sweden (from Wikipedia).

Questo è il mio 100° post, da quando, il giorno di Pasqua 08.04.2012, è nato questo blog. E quale miglior modo di festeggiarlo, se non con la testimonianza di K. H. Robèrt, un vero e proprio ‘campione della sostenibilità’ ?! … Prossimamente su questo blog: nuove sezioni, nuovi contenuti, sempre ispirati a sostenibilità, innovazione e (project) management. A presto … 😉

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