Gonsalves’ dreams.

Gonsalves’ dreams.

2015_10_30-05 Gonsalves
Sailing Islands © Rob Gonsalves
2015_10_30-02 Gonsalves
Toward the Horizon © Rob Gonsalves
2015_10_30-08 Gonsalves
Sweet City © Rob Gonsalves
2015_10_30-06 Gonsalves
A Change of Scenery II © Rob Gonsalves
2015_10_30-07 Gonsalves
Beyond the Reef © Rob Gonsalves

2015_10_30-10 Gonsalves“A childhood of daydreaming and drawing has evolved into a career of making paintings that are primarily a celebration of imagination. Along the way I took a detour into the world of Architecture, but after an enthusiastic response to my paintings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 1990, I began painting full time. Huckleberry Fine Art, in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area took the success of my work to a new level, and began publishing limited edition reproductions of it. Three children’s books have been created using my paintings: Imagine a Night, Imagine a Day and Imagine a Place. Master of Illusion is the name of the calendar series that contains my artwork, now in its sixth year.” – [from the Facebook page of Robert “Rob” Gonsalves]

Robert “Rob” Gonsalves (born in 1959) is a Canadian painter of magic realism (surrealism). He produces original works, limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books.
The Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves at Saper Galleries

2015_10_30-04 Gonsalves
Tree House in Autumn © Rob Gonsalves
2015_10_30-03 Gonsalves
Big Air © Rob Gonsalves


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