Are you the next sustainability leader?

2013_06_06 immagine 02Un altro anno di Master è giunto al termine al BTH, e i nuovi giovani leader della sostenibilità sono pronti a mettere in pratica quanto imparato in una delle più belle esperienze scolastiche post-universitarie del mondo. Mi riferisco al Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) programme presso il Blekinge Institute of Technology di Karlskrona, Svezia. Di cosa si occupa il Master MSLS? Ecco la testimonianza di uno dei fondatori del programma, nonché creatore del movimento The Natural Step, il Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert.

Ecco inoltre cosa dice del Master un’autorità riconosciuta, David Suzuki, fondatore della David Suzuki Foundation, vincitore del Right Livelihood Award“Humanity has grown so powerful, we are undermining the life support systems of the planet – air, water, soil, biodiversity. The challenge is to see the world through the perspective of sustainability, not constant growth and change. That is the very basis of the MSLS that provides a unique and outstanding education and training that is sending out future leaders who can help move us off our current destructive path. I have seen firsthand, through my son-in-law, the results of this worldclass program.”
2013_06_06 immagine 01The Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) programme is hosted at Campus Gräsvik, in the city of Karlskrona, the capital of Region Blekinge in the South of Sweden. The city is situated on an archipelago and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique naval heritage. The MSLS programme revolves around two integrated themes:

  • strategic sustainable development (SSD) – a science-based, strategic approach for planning towards sustainability, and
  • organisational learning and leadership practicing leadership to effectively create change towards sustainability.

The synergy that results from this combination generates uniquely-skilled graduates with fluency in both sustainability and leadership. Through this combination, graduates are able to re-enter the professional arena with an energetic and inspired approach to societal and organisational change.

Ed ecco i video delle presentazioni delle tesi di quest’anno (grazie a Marco Valente per la segnalazione) !

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