Innovation that …

Innovation that …

While I was watching on TV the football match between Borussia Dortmund and Juventus Turin, there was a recurring commercial by Nissan claiming «Innovation that excites». The word “innovation” inside an advertising? Great. So I began wondering, how often the concept of innovation is intentionally used by companies to attract more customers? Moreover, what type of customer? Who’s attracted by innovative products or products that pretend to be innovative?

2015_03_20-01 Nissan2015_03_20-02 Nissan

My mind went to the first “experimental” advertising of Apple at the end of the 90’s, do you remember? “Think different”. It was used in a television commercial, several print advertisements, and a number of TV promos for Apple products, until 2002. The one-minute commercial featured black-and-white footage of 17 iconic 20th century personalities, from Albert Einstein to Pablo Picasso, including, of course, Buckminster Fuller 🙂

2015_03_20-04 Apple

So, I would like to go more in depth about this point. Are there any other examples of companies, brands deliberately inserting the word “innovation” or a concept of innovation in their advertising campaign, in order to communicate to the audience that innovation is embedded in its philosophy, it’s in the DNA of their products or services?


Is there anybody of you willing to help me with some suggestions? Is there any brand coming to your mind? Please publish your comment below. Thank You!

«Because the only people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the once who do» – Apple Inc.

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