Collaborative Consumption.

Today’s Peer-to-Peer Economy.

L’infografica e l’articolo di Forbes sulla crescita inarrestabile dell’economia basata sulla condivisione di beni di consumo. I pionieri della ‘Share Economy’: SnapGoods, Airbnb, DogVacay, RelayRides, TaskRabbit, Getaround, Liquid, Zaarly, Lyft, Lending Club, Fon, SideCar, Poshmark, NeighboorGoods.

2013_02_11 immagine 01

An infographic from Forbes highlights the many ways you can make use of underutilized assets. Essentially, “almost anything you can buy new, you can also rent from a stranger.” Also check out Forbes’ article, “Airbnb and the Unstoppable Rise of the Share Economy” here. A great read on collaborative consumption and a push forward to making #collcons more mainstream.

Liquid @ Verge SF, 13.11.2012

Liquid @ Verge SF, 13.11.2012


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