Animal House.

Animal House.

The world’s best animal architecture – in pictures, by Ingo Arndt.

2015_05_17-02 ants
European red wood ant nests in Hessen, Germany © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-03 termites
Huge fields littered with compass termite towers, which average 3m tall, throughout northern Australia © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-04 ants
Australian weaver ants building their nest by pulling on leaves and working in chains, in Northern Territory, Australia © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-05 grey bowerbird
Grey bowerbird bower in Northern Territory, Australia © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-06 gardener bowerbird
The bower of the vogelkop gardener bowerbird is a complex architectural masterpiece © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-07 wasp
A wasp nest made of masticated wood © Ingo Arndt
2015_05_17-08 beaver
Beaver lodges are only accessible through an underwater entrance, which offers them protection against enemies, cold and heat © Ingo Arndt

2015_05_17-01 Animal ArchitectureAnimal Architecture by Ingo Arndt, Jurgen Tautz and Jim Brandenburg.

In Animal Architecture, Ingo Arndt explores marvels of nature with spectacular imagery, showcasing the complex and elegant structures that animals create both for shelter and for capturing prey. Arndt’s photographs display wonders such as the colourful mating arenas of bowerbirds in West Papua and the fantastic nests created by ants in Africa. Studio photographs supplement the images from Arndt’s journey and offer close-up views of the nests, mounds and webs constructed by the animals. Features both breathtaking photography and scientific insight into animal behavior.


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