The 97% Consensus.

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The Consensus Project measured the level of consensus in published, peer-reviewed climate research that humans are causing global warming. In the most comprehensive analysis to date, they analysed 21 years worth of peer-reviewed papers on “global warming” or “global climate change”. Among the 12,465 papers, they identified over 4,014 abstracts authored by 10,188 scientists that stated a position on human-caused global warming. Among those 4,014 abstracts, 97.1% endorse the consensus. Among the 10,188 scientists, 98.4% endorse the consensus. The overwhelming consensus is consistent with a number of other studies that have found similar results. Read the full paper ‘Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature‘ (John Cook et al.) here.

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Source: Skeptical Science
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Image: Climate Nexus

The Consensus Project is one indicator among many that there is a consensus of evidence and a consensus of scientists, all agreeing that humans are causing global warming. The Consensus Project is a peer-reviewed citizen science driven project conducted by volunteers at the Skeptical Science website., that was created and is run by John Cook, climate communication research fellow at the Global Change Institute, University of Queensland. To bring attention to the scientific agreement around this issue, Skeptical Science has created 97 Hours of Consensus, featuring quotes from 97 prominent climate experts. The scientists are presented in friendly cartoon form, although they’re delivering some pretty devastating news. A different scientist is featured every hour. 97 scientists x 97 hours x 97 %. Is this consensus enough to believe in ?

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Image: The Consensus Project

Are you interested in climate change? Put on the agenda Wednesday, October 16, 2014 in Bolzano. Look for the clue (more information soon) … 😉

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