We are right. Leadership in Sustainability @ Greenbuild.

Highlights from Greenbuild 2012 San Francisco.

Each year, the world’s business, environmental and social leaders take the stage at Greenbuild to motivate, inspire and teach our industry.

Opening plenary teaser (video)


  • Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco
  • Rachel Gutter – Center for Green Schools, USGBC | Director
  • Geraud Darnis – United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security | President & CEO
  • Scott Horst – USGBC | Senior Vice President
  • Rick Fedrizzi – USGBC | President & CEO

48 million square feet LEED® certified buildings in San Francisco. The greenest policies in the United States. The best compost in the US … (!). The Center for Green Schools. Where we learn, matters. MyGreenApple.org. Students of 67 universities @ Greenbuild. Google’s grant of 3 million USD. You don’t have to leave your neighborhood to find a better one. Remembering Malcom Lewis, USGBC Board Member and Green Building Visionary. We are right.

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