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Come join us for LF17 :-)

Living Future unConference 2017

Living Future unConference is an annual event that attracts disruptive design leaders. Join a cross-industry collaborative network that is creating a healthy built environment.

Celebrate Genius and Courage in all of its forms during the 11th Annual Living Future unConference, May 17-19 in Seattle, WA. Join us for unconventional sessions + dynamic speakers, including Van Jones, Naomi Klein, and Kirsti Luke.  Living Future brings hundreds of thought-leaders to the table to create a healthy and just future for all. #ChallengetheNorm and uncover your role to make this future a reality. Register here 🙂

Living Future unConference is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement to make strides toward a healthy future for all. This year, we will focus on the layers of Genius and Courage during unconventional sessions and dynamic speaking engagements with top-notch keynotes. We’ll open the unConference with Van Jones, a civil rights leader, former Obama White House advisor and CNN political correspondent. Celebrate 11 years of innovation and partake in the out-of-the-ordinary experience that is the essence of the unConference.

Unforgettable keynotes

Van Jones is a civil rights leader, former Obama White House advisor, and CNN political correspondent. He is the Founder and President of Dream Corps — an incubator, platform and home for world-changing initiatives that empower the most vulnerable in our society. The Dream Corps three programs,#cut50, #YesWeCode, and Green For All, work to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity. A Yale-educated attorney, Van has written two New York Times bestsellers: The Green Collar Economy, the definitive book on green jobs, and Rebuild the Dream, a roadmap for progressives.

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the international bestsellers, No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and most recently This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate (2014) which is being translated into over 25 languages.  This Changes Everything, the documentary inspired by the book and narrated by Naomi premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2017 she joined The Intercept as Senior Correspondent. Recent articles have also appeared in The Guardian, The Nation, The New York Times, the New Yorker, Le Monde, The London Review of Books.

Kirsti Luke is Chief Executive of Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua, Ngāi Tūhoe’s Tribal Authority. She holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB), is extremely knowledgeable about the tribe’s treaty claims, and was involved in the establishment of Te Uru Taumatua. Her goal is to build the organization and the tribe’s economy and improve descendants’ quality of life. Her role includes recruiting management staff, building relationships with stakeholders and government agencies, developing policies to improve or coordinate options for housing, health and employment for Tūhoe and providing business recommendations to build up the tribe’s economy.

The full program

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The International Living Building Institute
The International Living Future Institute is an environmental NGO committed to catalyzing the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. Composed of leading green building experts and thought-leaders, the Institute is premised on the belief that providing a compelling vision for the future is a fundamental requirement for reconciling humanity’s relationship with the natural world.

Highlights from LF15.

2014_04_08-01 Benyus

Janine Benyus, The Biomimicry Institute

Home again, after three days as a “sponge” in Seattle, absorbing a fascinating mix of technical knowledge, sustainability principles and visions of the future. A Living Future, like the name of the ninth annual “unconference” organized by the International Living Future Institute. Architects, landscape architects, engineers, ecologists, manufacturers, and other professionals focused on sustainability in the built environment from all over the world gathered to discuss how a sense of place and community (this year’s theme) can play a role in restorative design.

Here are my highlights.

The Living Product Challenge (LPC), ILFI’s new certification protocol seems to be the most complete, powerful and holistic standard to reduce a product’s footprint throughout the manufacturing process. Like LBC, the Living Product Challenge includes seven “petals”: beauty, energy, equity, health and happiness, materials, place, and water. The introduction by Kathryn Langstaff, LPC manager at ILFI showed all its potential.

2014_04_08-02 LPC

The development of ILFI continues: as described by Jason F. McLennan, ILFI’s CEO and president, seven new certified projects this year, like the Bullitt Center in Seattle and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Center in Pittsburgh, the first LBC certified project in China, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Offices in Beijing and others. There are now 25 certified projects but above all 250 registered projects in 12 states and five countries.

2014_04_08-03 Phipps

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Pittsburgh (PA)

U.S. Green Building Council has started accepting the energy and water imperatives from LBC as an alternative compliance path (ACP), as said by Scot Horst, responsible for all product research, development, implementation and execution at USGBC. In other words, projects meeting these two requirements in the LBC will be technically equivalent in LEED.

2014_04_08-05 McLennan

Jason F. McLennan, the International Living Future Institute

Flooring materials company Mohawk has been awarded by Amanda Sturgeon, Executive Director of ILFI, with 2015 Manufacturer’s Award due to its 19 different Declare certified products. Declare is like a nutrition label for the building industry, requiring companies to disclose all the ingredients of their products. It marks the horizon of the construction market, requiring total transparency from manufacturers.

2014_04_08-04 Declare

Place and Community. The LF unConference.

2015_04_03-05 LF15After one year, I’m back, this time in Seattle, at the Living Future unconference 2015. As always, eager to learn, to exchange views with the participants, to listen to the keynote speakers and bestpractices, togo through the Living Building Challenge. The time for “Do less harm” has passed. It’s time for the beginning of being; the beginning of a Living Future. LF 2015 takes place on April 1-3, 2015, at the Sheraton Seattle, Seattle (WA) and explores a genuine sense of place and community as the bellwether of truly restorative design. The International Living Future Institute is hosting its ninth annual unConference. Living Future is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement seeking solutions to the most daunting global issues of our time. Out-of-the-ordinary learning and networking formats provide innovative design strategies, cutting-edge technical information and the inspiration needed to achieve significant progress toward a truly Living Future.

2015_04_03-01 Living Future


Keynote speakers:

2015_04_03-02 BenyusJanine Benyus is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In Biomimicry, she names an emerging discipline that emulates nature’s designs and processes (e.g., solar cells that mimic leaves) to create a healthier, more sustainable planet. In 2010, Janine founded Biomimicry 3.8 which provides biomimicry innovation consulting, training for professionals, and curricula development for educators.

2015_04_03-03 ibrahim_abdul-matinRaised between Brooklyn and rural Upstate NY, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin appreciated environment and sustainability at an early age. His father, a devout Muslim, taught 5-year-old Ibrahim that the “Earth is a mosque”. Ibrahim retells this moving story in his Amazon Environmental Bestseller, “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet,” a one-of-a-kind expose of the positive contributions of people of faith to the environmental and environmental justice movements.

2015_04_03-04 McLennanJason F. McLennan is considered one of the most influential individuals in the green building movement today and the recipient of the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Prize. McLennan serves as the CEO of the International Living Future Institute, a leading NGO that focuses on the transformation to a world that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. McLennan is the founder and creator of the Living Building Challenge, widely considered the world’s most progressive and stringent green building program.

The Living Building Challenge is the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation of building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature’s architecture. To be certified under the Challenge, projects must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements over a minimum of 12 months of continuous occupancy.

What is an unConference? An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. Unconferences typically feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, although any format is permitted. This form of conference is particularly useful when the attendees generally have a high level of expertise or knowledge in the field the conference convenes to discuss.

A una iarda dalla gloria.

2014_04_01-04 Super BowlIl Super Bowl è l’incontro finale che assegna il titolo di campione della National Football League (NFL), la lega professionistica statunitense di football americano.  Dato che gli americani pensano (a ragione) di essere in assoluto i migliori in questo sport (è lo sport nazionale, insieme con il baseball, il basket e l’hockey), chi vince quest’incontro viene considerato il campione del mondo di questo sport. Il Super Bowl è l’evento sportivo più importante  più visto dell’anno. Quello di quest’anno, il XLIX (il conteggio è sempre in numeri romani) è stato visto mediamente da più di 114 milioni di telespettatori (!).

Il Super Bowl si tiene generalmente nell’ultima domenica di gennaio o nella prima di febbraio. Pittsburgh Steeleers è la squadra che ha ottenuto più successi in questa competizione (6), seguita dai Dallas Cowboys e dai San Francisco 49ers a quota 5. Il trofeo è il Vince Lombardi Trophy (dal nome dell’allenatore che vinse le prime due edizioni con i Green Bay Packers).

2014_04_01-02 Super Bowl

Il Super Bowl è lo sport professionistico all’ennesima potenza. Tutto è al livello più alto, strategia, tattica, prestazioni, condizione fisica, intelligenza di gioco, gioco di squadra, individualità, leadership, orgoglio, tecnologia, marketing, industria, consumismo, show business, opportunità, gloria, sconfitta. E’ la quintessenza dello spirito yankee, il concentrato del sogno americano. Fiumi di inchiostro e chilometri di pellicole sono stati spesi per raccontare questo mondo; le analogie con le capacità di gestire un’azienda, un team, il successo della propria vita sono infinite. Uno su tutti, l’ormai leggendario “discorso nello spogliatoio” che Al Pacino (l’allenatore Tony D’Amato) fa ai suoi giocatori dei Miami Sharks in “Ogni maledetta domenica” (Any Given Sunday, 1999 – Oliver Stone).

Il XLIX Super Bowl si è disputato il 1º febbraio 2015 allo Stadio dell’Università di Phoenix (uno stadio universitario che contiene fino a 78.600 spettatori … !) di Glendale (Arizona). I New England Patriots, campioni della American Football Conference (AFC) hanno battuto i Seattle Seahawks, campioni della National Football Conference (NFC) per 28-24, conquistando il loro quarto titolo.

2014_04_01-03 Super Bowl

Fuori e dentro il Super Bowl si incrociano miriadi di storie. Ma questo XLIX ha raccontato due storie per me esemplari. Quella di Tom Brady e quella di Russell Wilson. Professione: quarterback (il lanciatore).

Nelle dodici stagioni di Brady come titolare, i Patriots hanno raggiunto il Super Bowl sei volte, vincendone quattro. Inoltre è stato nominato tre volte MVP (Most Valuable Player) e ha detenuto il record NFL per il maggior numero di passaggi da touchdown lanciati in una singola stagione tra il 2007 e il 2013. Per la cronaca rosa, Brady è sposato (con due figli) dal 2009 con Gisele Bundchen.

Russell Wilson nella sua prima stagione da professionista ha guidato i Seahawks al secondo turno di playoff, venendo premiato come Rookie (debuttante) of the Year. Nella seconda stagione ha portato nel 2014 la squadra alla prima vittoria del Super Bowl in 38 anni di storia.

Mancano 24 secondi alla fine.

I New England Patriots conducono 28-24 ma i Seattle Seahawks sono in attacco, a una iarda (poco meno di un metro) dalla linea di touchdown, la meta che vale 6 punti e quindi la vittoria. Seattle ha appena realizzato due azioni strepitose. Una ha fatto guadagnare un sacco di campo in un colpo solo, con una presa acrobatica miracolosa (nel video al minuto 09:20). Nel football americano è fondamentale guadagnare campo. «He got it! He got it! He got the ball» urla Pete Carroll, capo-allenatore dei Seahawks. L’altra uno sfondamento personale che ha portato la squadra ad un passo dal touchdown (minuto 10:35).

Mancano 24 secondi alla fine. Ciò che succede lo vedete nell’immagine seguente. Russell Wilson (cerchio rosso) prende l’ovale (cerchio bianco) e lo lancia al suo attaccante (cerchio giallo) che per guardarlo va a sbattere contro il difensore dei New England (cerchio azzurro) che intercetta l’ovale, stronca l’azione di Seattle e mette fine all’incontro. Bill Belichick, capo-allenatore della squadra della East Cost. è incredulo. Tom Brady, partita abbastanza opaca sino a quel momento, esulta impazzito. Dopo due azioni baciate dalla sorte (o dalla bravura) lo sciagurato passaggio di Wilson (Seattle aveva tutto il tempo, ancora due time-out per gestire al meglio i secondi mancanti) dà un calcio alla gloria.

2014_04_01-01 Russell Wilson

Tom Brady fu scelto dai Patriots nel corso del sesto giro (199º assoluto) del Draft NFL 2000 (la procedura con la quale i club profssionisti attingono ai college per prendere i giovani più promettenti). Vuol dire che le squadre di football preferirono 198 giocatori a lui. Ha vinto quattro Super Bowl Non solo talento, ma costanza e determinazione, per diventare il migliore giocatore della NFL. Nel sogno americano tutto è possibile …