So what?

So what?

2020 Flashbacks and 2021 wishes.

For weeks and months, since the end of February, I have been collecting images, news, articles, diagrams, essays, and a bunch of … self-declaration templates for driving home-work-home, on what seemed at first an important topic and soon became, ‘the’ only important topic. Here is a selection of what impressed me the most. Including myself trying to open bags for vegetables at the supermarket …

And here it is also a series of images of the stray cat (whose name is now ‘Gatto’ = cat) that during the second lockdown of October and November I met every day, when going outside for a walk, placed in the farthest corner of our garden, and which has quickly become a daily reference, with his patience, resilience and need for human contacts.

What did we learn from this terrible year? Here is a list of main comments coming from our Living Future Europe Meet-up early December:

  • Biophilia and the need to reconnect with Nature.
  • Resilience in every situation and going back to the principles.
  • Interconnection of everything!
  • The importance of living and working in healthier environments.
  • The scale of chemicals in construction materials.
  • Patience.
  • Share more than ever and give to people who needs.
  • What it feels like being in peace with once self. Self-reflection.
  • Disappointment.
  • Reciprocity.
  • Give more space back to the other-than-human beings.
  • There is always a lot of good, a lot to be grateful for, but we need to make the choice to see it.
  • How important having a healthy strong body with a high immune system is for resilience. The terrain is key.
  • Resilience!
  • The fragility of democracy.
  • Foresight!
  • Taking care of one another.

It was a terrible complicated year, in unprecedented times. But we learned a lot. So what? Have a much much better New Year, indeed! All the best 😊

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