The Regenerative Week is coming

The Regenerative Week is coming

Looking for a bright spot heading to a different future in the dark of these unprecedented times? Mark your calendar next December 2+3 with two full days on regenerative sustainability you absolutely cannot miss.

The LFE 2020 Meet-up

Wednesday 2nd December is the Living Future Europe day. Promoted by Living Future Europe (LFE), together with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and organised thanks to the passionate support of the LF Collaboratives from Europe, the LFE 2020 Meet-up is the first online annual meeting gathering all ILFI members, Ambassadors and Collaboratives from Europe.

Featuring as guests some regenerative sustainability champions and architecture experts such as Catherine Haas Adler (GA Paris), Martin Brown (Fairsnape), Andreas Gyr from Google and Emmanuel Pauwels (Green Living Projects), this full day event will include presentations, workshops, discussions, virtual tours, breaks and networking opportunities with the intent to close a complicated year but full of inspiring moments and milestones for us at LFE, while looking at the upcoming 2021 with optimism, hope and good plans.

This event is free of charge for ILFI members from Europe, upon registration here. It is also open, with a fee, to non-ILFI member attendees from Europe.

The RESTORE Legacy

On Thursday 3rdDecember, the final conference of the EU funded COST 16114 Action ‘REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy’ (RESTORE) will take place. As one of the largest pan-European and EU-funded research networks with 160+ members from 40 countries, our COST ACTION enjoys an international reputation even beyond the borders of Europe.

RESTORE hits the nerve of the time because environmental problems and resource bottlenecks are as urgent as today. As a major consumer of fossil resources and produced waste, the construction industry demands a fundamental rethink from the training of future planners to the environmentally and socially responsible use of real estate and entire residential districts. RESTORE not only intends to amend individual thematic fields, but also sets the course for a fundamental paradigm shift in industry and society.

With 30+ speakers including keynotes from Joey Pringle (Veshin) and Emmanuel Delannoy (Pikaia), the presentations on December 3rd will report on RESTORE findings and conclusions and will finally answer the basic question, if the RESTORE vision on a paradigm shift has already started moving forward, to be regenerative in the end.

Participation is free of charge, upon registration here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Regenerative Week 😉

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