Klimahouse 2021? I’m in!

Klimahouse 2021? I’m in!

In times of pandemics, Klimahouse goes digital – continuing its search for a built environment respectful of our planet and future generations. The new platform for the Klimahouse Community is a 3-day event (27÷29 January 2021) with top speakers who will update you on the hottest topics in sustainable construction.

You can find me digitally there if you like 😉 I will be speaking (in Italian language) at two events this year:

Wednesday 27 Jan 2021 | h 12:00-12:45
QAES – Air quality in school buildings. From problem to solutions, creating know-how.

The Interreg Italy-Switzerland QAES project addresses the problem of the poor quality of the air and indoor environment in school buildings and the associated impact on health and learning capacity. I will be moderating a round table with some of the actors of the project, featuring Francesca Avella (Eurac Research), Davide Giaffreda (drexel & weiss), Gaetano Lapenta (FBP) and Andrea Rosetti (NEO).

QAES – Air Quality in School Buildings is an operation co-financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund, the Italian State, the Swiss Confederation, and the Cantons under the Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Program.

Participation is free of charge, upon registration at this link.

Event’s flyer

Friday 29 Jan 2021 | h 15:00-15:25
5 myths to debunk about biophilia.

Often confused with “greenery at home”, the sense of biophilia is already a fundamental design variable for the affirmation of a new well-being level, more natural, sustainable, and measurable. This is also because biophilia in a building is no longer an abstract concept or a personal opinion, but the subject of design, verification, and certification. What are the requirements of a building designed according to biophilic principles? Speakers will guide you to discover biophilia as an element of value for human health and environmental sustainability.

I will give a short lecture on biophilic design, in conversation with Andrea Dell’Orto (Home, Health & Hi-Tech). [Photos courtesy of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens | Sonja Bochart]

Do you want to attend this event? Go to the stage and buy your Digital Pass now, providing you access to 3 days, 57 hours of live-streaming and 150 speakers.


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