The start-up roadmap.

Hey, guys, you want to found a start-up? Follow the roadmap prepared by Funders & Founders. Put the dates next to the expected steps and then proceed, remembering the motto (by Denzel Washington, I do fully approve it): “Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.” Simple, isn’t it? Or not? Good luck

How to start a start-up (Funders and Founders)
  • 1. Live in the FUTURE, ahead of your time
  • 2. What is MISSING in the world?
  • 3. Write it down and bounce IDEAS around
  • 4. Make a PROTOTYPE
  • 5. SHOW the prototype to 100 people
  • 6. ITERATE on the prototype until it makes sense
  • 7. Find a CO-FOUNDER
  • 8. Register your C-corp, split EQUITY
  • 9. Look for FUNDING and build version one a the same time
  • 10. LAUNCH. Let everyone know you have made something
  • 11. FOLLOW UP with users. Are they coming back?

a) yes, they are coming back; b) no, they came and left

if b) then 10.1 launch AGAIN (after iterating). Launch until users stay (AirBnB launched three times). Then, step 12.

if a) then

  • 12. Get to 1,000 users
  • 13. Grow 5% a WEEK (hard, but proven possible)
  • 14. Keep GROWING, for another 4 years, and at a rate you will reach 25 million users
  • 15. SUCCESS

R U ready for step 15? 😉

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