Scandic. Natural steps towards a better world.

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Image: Scandic

A good night sleep can be a good start. A good start can be a good cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee can be a good date.  A good date can make things better. A better world has a good thought. A good thought can make you feel good. Feeling good and doing good can be the same thing. That’s what a sustainable society is all about .

A good day is a day at Scandic. Bring some Scandic home.

Scandic has been consciously tackling environmental issues since 1994. Our aim is to contribute to a socially and ecologically sustainable society. We have come a long way over the years. For instance, we have over 120 Swan Eco labelled hotels. Since 2007, we are working dedicated to eliminate our fossil carbon dioxide emissions. We are very pleased with our suppliers and partners, who also become involved. And we’re also very proud of all our committed employees. (from Scandic web site)


Since we started our environmental work, we have given 12,000 team members training on sustainability issues. We have now amassed a great deal of knowledge and see sustainability as a challenge and an on-going process – globally and locally. Don’t be surprised if you see someone at our hotels watering the plants with a carafe from an empty restaurant table. It’s utterly ingrained now. We don’t pour water away, we use every last drop.

“No company can avoid taking responsibility for the environment and focusing on environmental issues. Scandic shall, therefore, lead the way and work continuously to promote both a reduction in our environmental impact, and a better environment. Scandic shall actively contribute to a sustainable society.” Scandic’s environmental policy since 1994

natural_step_logoThe Natural Step

The Natural Step is an international organisation that advises companies on strategic issues concerning sustainability. Scandic works with The Natural Step and our environmental work is based on its four sustainability conditions.

In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to: systematically increasing of …

  1. concentrations of substances extracted from the earth’s crust (oil, coal, lead and cadmium)
  2. concentrations of substances produced by society (DDT, PCBs and brominated flame retardants)
  3. degradation by physical means (overfishing, deforestation and gene manipulation)
  4. and in that society, human needs are met everywhere (stop to political and economic oppression)

Ten years of  active environmental work has made its mark. Each guest staying for one night  at a Scandic in 2006 released 1.5 kg less carbon dioxide, used 35 litres less  water and left behind 1 kg less unsorted waste than 10 years ago. You   probably contribute more towards a sustainable world when you stay with us   than you do at home.

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We have saved and switched



Ordinary   switches

Need-driven   lighting controlled by the room key

Light   bulbs

Low-energy   bulbs that last at least four times longer and use considerably less power

Team   members with general interest

Committed   team members trained in environmental issues

Fossil   fuel energy sources

Renewable   energy sources

Petrol-driven   cars

Environmental   company cars

Dripping   taps

Efficient taps   and showers

High-consumption   toilets

Low-flush   toilets

Wastepaper   baskets

Waste-sorting   bins for guests and team members

Central   waste bins

Sorting   system with up to 22 categories

Disposable   packages in the bathroom

Eco   labelled shampoo in a fixed container

Disposable   packages in the restaurant

Milk in   jugs, sugar in shakers, jam and butter in bowls for the breakfast buffet

In 1996 we started logging electricity consumption, water usage, unsorted waste and amount of laundry at Scandic. As we were taking action to reduce consumption at our hotels, we became interested in comparing the figures. That’s why we set up a reporting system called SIR (Sustainability Indicator Reporting).

2012_12_10 immagine 03Every month the hotels report their consumption of resources to SIR. Then each hotel can compare with its earlier figures and with other hotels in the chain. The aim is naturally to get better and to motivate everyone to improve their own results.

Every Scandic hotel measures:

  • Water usage
  • Electricity consumption
  • Amount of laundry
  • Unsorted waste

We are the first hotel chain in the world to publish our statistics

CO2 per guest per night

In autumn 2007, we were the first hotel chain to introduce the key figure of fossil carbon dioxide per guest per night. This was possible because, for two years, we had put a great deal of effort into making sure that each hotel was able to report how the energy they used was produced (wind, hydro power, oil, coal or other). An average night at Scandic in 2006 produced 3.1 kilos of fossil CO2 per guest. Our target is to make that zero by 2025.

A good day is a day at Scandic. Take a bit of Scandic home.

La bellissima sezione del sito di Scandic dedicata ai passi verso la sostenibilità fatti dall’azienda dagli anni ’90 ad oggi. Tutta interattiva, clicca su ogni piano e scopri le azioni concrete che Scandic mette in atto ogni giorno per migliorare la propria impronta ambientale e l’impatto sociale.

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Image: Scandic

Sustainability and the Environment at Scandic

Sustainable construction and refurbishment at Scandic

Scandic Grand Marina Helsinki
Scandic Grand Marina Helsinki


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