Buona Pasqua ! Frohe Ostern ! Happy Easter !

Buona Pasqua ! Frohe Ostern ! Happy Easter !

2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 4

The Italian designer Giorgio Armani has agreed to stop using fur for all his products following years of lobbying by animal rights activists. Armani, 81, said in a statement on Tuesday that new technologies “render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals” and that the decision reflected his luxury group’s attention to “the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals” [The Guardian, March 22, 2016]

2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 7 2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 6 2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 5 2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 3 2016_03_25-01 Easter Armani 2

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