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How to be productive.

The Mindmap of 35 Habits of the Uber-Productive [infographic Funders and Founders, by Anna Vital]. Founders and Funders are startup evangelists and infographic authors. Their mission is to inspire everyone from engineers to moms to do a startup. Their latest project is the upcoming infographic book Becoming an ntrepreneur. They also do a series of infographics about entrepreneurship and Life … Continue reading How to be productive.

Work smarter, not harder.

21 consigli di Time Management per aumentare la produttività (e vivere meglio). Jordan Bates, del blog Refine the Mind, attraverso le colonne on-line di The Creativity Post, ci dà 21 tips per lavorare meglio (non di più) e di conseguenza aumentare la produttività ma, soprattutto ... vivere meglio. 21 suggerimenti semplici, basta solo pensarci periodicamente e cercare … Continue reading Work smarter, not harder.