Obtain the Unobtainium.

Obtain the Unobtainium.

2015_06_24-01 TFE9The Future Envelope 9 – Conference on Building Envelopes.
Faculty of Architecture TU Delft (NL).

The Future Envelope on last June  18th has been organized by the Facade Research Group, TU Delft in cooperation with the Center for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT), University of Bath and the European Façade Network (EFN)  and sponsored by industrial partners.

They refer to Unobtainium as a material or technology which is perfectly suited for a particular application, except that it does not exist yet or is extremely costly or difficult to obtain. Unobtainium is the answer to many of our technological and architectural challenges. What type of new materials will allow us to embed new functionalities in building envelopes? Which technologies will lead to more efficient and durable construction details? What concepts or systems will lead to energy savings and higher comfort?
During the ninth edition of the annual conference, international speakers from the disciplines of project development, material technology, façade design, and architecture shared their experience and visions of the future building envelope.

2015_06_24-03 TU Delft
A welcome from TU Delft: the main hall full of students at work

2015_06_24-04 TFE9

The amazing conference included brilliant speeches on the state of the art in the field of façades, innovative materials and cutting edge solutions, held by the expert of the European Facade Network, which the Façades Working Group (Gruppo di Lavoro Facciate | Arbeitsgruppe Fassaden) at TIS innovation park recently joined. Here is the program of the event.

2015_06_24-04 TU Delft
The Façade Research Group at Delft University of Technology


9:00 Opening speech | Ulrich Knaack / TU Delft, NL
9:15 Introduction | Bert Lieverse / VMRG, NL

9:30 – 11:00 Session 1 – Engineering Challenge
Stefan Goeddertz / Herzog & de Meuron, CH
Philippe Willareth / Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG, CH
Thomas Henriksen / Waagner-Biro, AT

11:30 – 13:00 Session 2 – New Transparency
Albert Schenning / TU Eindhoven, NL
Paulo Cruz / University of Minho, PT
Jens Schneider / TU Darmstadt, DE 

14:00 – 15:30 Session 3 – Future Materials
Samuel Schabel / TU Darmstadt, DE
Anne-Mette Manelius / Danish Technological Institute, DK
Holger Techen / Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, DE

16:00 – 17:30 Session 4 – Demand through Design
Marcel Bilow / TU Delft, NL
Sacha Silvester / TU Delft, NL
Eulho Suh / SUH Architects, KR

17:30 – Discussion

2015_06_24-05 TFE9
Introduction | Bert Lieverse / VMRG, NL
2015_06_24-06 TFE9
Marcel Bilow / TU Delft, NL


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